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Bleach & Toner Hair Coloring Services

Although we pride ourselves in our ability to provide exceptional haircuts, we truly excel in hair coloring services such as Bleach & Toner.

Bleach and Tone is the service you want, but it depends on where you are starting from! If you currently are not a bleach and tone client you will want to do a corrective color to make that transition either from highlights or no color at all to get you in the first step of being a bleach and tone person!

Bleach and Tones are so much fun because you can be bright blonde but you still have a lot of options on what kind of blonde you would like to be! If you are thinking about doing all over blonde please schedule a consultation first this is where you and your stylist will discover if you are in fact a Corrective Color service to start and then get on a schedule of Bleach and Tone retouch appointments!