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Scalp Spa

Organic Scalp Spa Treatments at Salon de J, Buena Park

Nurture your hair and scalp with our luxurious Organic Scalp Spa treatments at Salon de J in Buena Park! Our salon offers a rejuvenating experience designed to promote scalp health and enhance the vitality of your hair naturally.

Our Organic Scalp Spa treatments are crafted using premium organic products that are gentle yet effective. Whether you’re dealing with dryness, itchiness, or simply want to maintain a healthy scalp, our expert stylists at Salon de J are dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to your scalp’s specific needs.

Scalp Treatment Process (60-90 minutes) :

1. Scalp Massage & Micro Mist Treatment: Begin your journey with a soothing scalp massage. This relaxing step not only helps you unwind but also stimulates blood circulation, promoting a healthier scalp environment. Micro Mist treats damaged hair more effectively than other steamers by using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles.
(Between each step, we incorporate gentle washing or massage to ensure the mask/ampoule is evenly distributed and absorbed.)
2. Cleansing: Next, we deeply cleanse your scalp to remove any buildup of oils, dirt, and product residues. This step is crucial in creating a clean slate for the following treatments.
3. Scalp Mask: After cleansing, we apply a nutrient-rich scalp mask. This mask is tailored to address your specific scalp needs, whether it’s hydration, soothing, or detoxifying. 
4. Ampoule Application: To further nourish your scalp, we use a concentrated ampoule packed with active ingredients. This potent treatment penetrates deeply to restore and invigorate your scalp. 
5. Tonic Application: Finally, we finish with a refreshing tonic that balances your scalp’s pH levels and provides an extra layer of protection and moisture.

At Salon de J, we prioritize the use of organic ingredients that are free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a soothing and safe experience for your scalp and hair. Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or address specific scalp issues, our Organic Scalp Spa treatments provide a holistic approach to wellness and beauty.

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of Organic Scalp Spa at Salon de J. Schedule your appointment online or contact us for more information.