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Women’s Perm

Korean Style Women's Perms at Salon de J, Buena Park

Looking to elevate your hairstyle with the latest trends? At Salon de J in Buena Park, we specialize in Korean style women’s perms, offering a variety of techniques including Korean digital perm, setting perm, hippie perm, C-curl perm, and S-curl perm. Located in nothern Orange County, our salon is the perfect place to achieve beautiful, modern curls that define Korean women’s hair fashion.

Salon de J stylists are skilled in creating perms that add the perfect amount of wave and volume to your hair. With a regular perm, you can achieve different curl patterns, from loose waves to tight curls. Our Korean digital perm offers soft, natural-looking waves, while the setting perm provides bouncy, defined curls. The hippie perm creates tight, voluminous curls for a bold, textured look. For more versatility, the C-curl perm adds subtle curls at the ends of your hair for a chic, elegant finish, and the S-curl perm delivers more pronounced, wavy curls throughout your hair.

At Salon de J, we begin each women’s perm session with a personalized consultation to understand your hair type and desired look. We take pride in tailoring our services to enhance your individual style while ensuring your hair remains healthy and strong.

Experience the transformative power of a Korean style women’s perm at Salon de J, where every appointment is an opportunity to elevate your style with precision and creativity. Visit us today and discover why we are Buena Park’s premier destination for Korean digital perm, setting perm, hippie perm, C-curl perm, and S-curl perm services. Schedule your appointment online or contact us for more information. Let Salon de J bring the latest Korean hair trends to Orange County, giving you a look that stands out with sophistication and flair.